Public Security officers detained 6 Colombians for robbery with violence in Mérida – The Yucatan Times

2022-03-10 08:32:35 By : Mr. Alvin Liu

(SSP) MÉRIDA, Yuc., March 08, 2022.-The investigating agents and prosecutors today executed the arrest warrant against six individuals, allegedly of Colombian origin, who broke into a property in the aforementioned neighborhood, east of Mérida, threatened three women and stole cash and jewelry.

From the moment the events were reported, SSP agents attached to the State Investigation Police (PEI), to sectors of the city and areas of the interior of the state, together with FGE personnel, began the investigations and gathered clues to clarify the crime.

In addition, using the C5i of the SSP, the movements of the probable aggressors and their vehicles were followed up, with the support of video surveillance cameras, license plate reader arches and analytical systems, the SSP was able to locate the suspects.

The Bell 429 helicopter of the State Police was also used in the search.

The detainees are Miguel Antonio L.N., Raúl N.S., John Arbey O.O., Andrés G.C., John Javier P.P., and Nelson G.R.

The exhaustive work of the state security forces led to the location and capture of the alleged co-authors of the theft, who even tried to evade vehicle security controls, with the unsuccessful intention of escaping from the police.

It was also of great help for the success of the operation, trust and citizen collaboration, through reports to 9-1-1 and 089 (anonymous complaint), as well as the videos of private surveillance cameras, provided by their owners.

The suspects were immediately placed at the disposal of the Judge who will initiate the criminal process for the aforementioned facts.

The SSP and the FGE reiterate the firm commitment of their staff and commanding officers to preserve and strengthen peace and the rule of law in Yucatan, and fight crime with the full force of the law.

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